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Hear about the Christine Valmy experience from the people who lived it.

We are most proud when alumni tell us that their time here helped them grow personally and professionally, and that the education they received has improved their lives.

Below, learn more about what our graduates have to say about their experience at Christine Valmy International School.

Being at Christine Valmy was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot about beauty and life skills. The teachers are amazing. Everyone is so nice, friendly, and helpful. I will recommend everyone to this great school where I got my honors diploma and letter of recommendation. Thank you!

Tatiana P.

Having studied Massage Therapy, I realized that it was important to address skin concerns and conditions. Upon entering Christine Valmy, I knew I didn’t need to look any further for a Skin Care school. The training was thorough and detailed, from theory to clinic. From day one I loved the products- and the staff is awesome! Christine Valmy is the only choice in schools for Skin Care.

Zulay F.

I had an overwhelmingly positive experience pursuing my esthetics education at Christine Valmy International School. The friendships I made here are strong bonds, some which I am sure will last a lifetime. My instructors were knowledgeable and supportive. The staff is professional and kind. I feel certain that my experience here has prepared me for my future career in Medical Esthetics.

Joleen B.

My experience at Christine Valmy was the best I’ve had yet in the beauty field. Working side-by-side with the best teachers and working on real clients helped increase my passion for this field! I will never regret coming here and learning everything I needed and more.

Kathryn S.

I came to Christine Valmy because I knew that I loved Skin Care but what I learned while I was here was more than skin-deep. My teachers taught me more than I ever thought possible, and I will always be grateful and look back fondly at my time spent at Christine Valmy.

Allison C.

My experience at Christine Valmy with the teachers and staff was amazing. I learned the skills I will utilize to acquire a job in the field. I am very proud of myself- I graduated with honors and I have a sense of achievement. Thanks to Christine Valmy!

Yu Juan H.

My studies and training at Christine Valmy has opened my mind to the beauty industry and has helped me to be more open-minded. I have gained confidence through my studies and my instructors.

Mina K.

What an honor to attend the oldest esthetics school since 1965. It’s a multi-cultural environment which helped shape the world. This school provides you with the tools and educational value to go far as a professional adult.

Kenya R.

I’ve always wanted to have a career working with skin and beauty. Christine Valmy International School has helped me make my vision better by [teaching] the knowledge, the skills, and everything there is to know about the skin. After attending Christine Valmy, I feel like I am ready for anything in the field.

Marcuse R.

I had a great experience at Christine Valmy. I graduated from the Esthetics and Nail programs. I am very satisfied. Great teachers- definitely a life-changing experience. Having two licenses has helped me to pursue my passion within the beauty industry.

Ekaterina B.

My experience at Christine Valmy was very good. If you work hard then your experience will be successful. I am graduating with honors, a mentorship diploma, and a letter of recommendation. I am very excited to start my new career in the Esthetics field thanks to Christine Valmy.

McKensie L.

Christine Valmy overall was a great School. I learned all about skin condition, type, and ingredients. Mrs. Kim was an amazing instructor; she really gave me discipline in my life. I learned to take baby steps with my goals which will lead to big steps.

Ndao M.

I am very happy with my experience at Christine Valmy. They have the best instructors….It was a life changing experience. I gained confidence and the skills to go out in to the workforce.

Paola J.

Grateful for the experienced and passionate teachers who made learning fun…I had extensive hands-on experience working on many different clients…the staff works hard and tirelessly, thank you!”

Anna Z.

After I earned an education at Christine Valmy- my life changed. Now I have my own business, and I am helping people to look better and take care of their skin.

Nemia V.

My experience during my Nails evening course at Christine Valmy was great, I’ve acquired knowledge and much more... Thanks to all the teachers and staff for their great job.

Sabrina B.

I feel that the school really helped me to understand and learn a lot. I feel more comfortable in what I am doing. This experience was great…and I am happy that I chose this school.

Magdalena B.

Christine Valmy has educated me in many aspects of Esthetics. I had a great experience. This school prepared me very well.

Stefania R.

Great school. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to study about the Skin Industry. Teachers and staff are very professional. Thank you!

Izvarinka S.

I had a great experience in Christine Valmy I obtained the skills to become a nail technician. I love the experience, and I am able to make people happy.

Bella T.

Christine Valmy has given me the opportunity to serve clients with confidence.

Megan S.