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We are currently offering our beauty education via online learning!

Nature's Best Ingredients, Expertly Formulated

Our all-natural skin care product inventions are founded in our unsurpassed esthetics expertise. We explore the best combination of organic ingredients to correct skin conditions and drive immediate and long-term results.

Our objective is always to address the root of problems, allowing the skin to heal itself from within.

We draw from ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions, combined with 21st century scientific techniques, to produce cutting edge product formulas.

We maintain complete control over our products, because they are invented in our own laboratory and hand-crafted on-site in small batches, assuring the highest quality and freshness.

Christine Valmy skin care products in flowers.

The Christine Valmy Approach to Natural Skin Care

Marina Valmy describes the Christine Valmy approach to educated, natural skin care. Learn what makes our products unique and effective; from the preparation of formulas to a mantra passed down generations. Science, esthetics knowledge, and love are always the first ingredients put into any Christine Valmy product.


75 Years of Natural, Effective, Educated Skin Care

Christine Valmy skin care product, Cellular Mask, next to a succulent.

In 1944, in her native Romania, Christine Valmy began creating skin care products with ingredients from her garden. In the ’60s, she moved to the US and pioneered the country’s esthetics industry, establishing a more educated approach to skin care.

In 1976, she and her daughter, Marina, opened a lab and factory to create new products in-house. Here, they could guarantee all research and development would be cruelty-free, of the utmost quality, and founded in their expert knowledge of skin.

For decades, the mother and daughter team advanced the skin care industry through education and product innovation, receiving commendations on their work from around the globe.

Today, Marina leads the organization, mentoring students at Christine Valmy International School and experimenting with ingredients, often late into the night, in the Christine Valmy lab. The result of her dedication and passion is an exceptional, unique product line, forever true to her mother’s original vision of all-natural, effective skin care.

Always Cruelty-Free

We do not test on animals.

Instead, we have a broad network of friends and family who love to try our products and help us perfect our lineup.

We also teach skin care using our products in our schools, so our students continuously provide us with new insight. This gives us an extraordinary understanding of how they work on a wide variety of skin types, to help us fine-tune each formula for optimal results.

We are an approved Leaping Bunny brand.

Leaping Bunny cruelty free certified products