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Ms. Christine Valmy

In 1944, Christine Valmy’s passion for skin care flourished in the most fitting of places—in her garden. It was there she grew the natural ingredients she transformed into innovative formulas for skin care treatments. As such, it was in her garden that a groundbreaking and celebrated career as a skin care expert began.

Ms. Valmy went on to be known as the “First Lady of Esthetics.” During her prestigious career, she led the esthetics trade organization, CIDESCO, opened renowned beauty schools around the globe, wrote numerous acclaimed skin care and makeup books, and established the largest salon in the U.S.

She worked with the state of New York to develop the country’s first esthetics curriculum to ensure a first-rate education for new professionals. The United States Congress recognized her for “her contributions to education in America [… and for] creating a new, exciting avenue of careers for the young people of America.” And her proprietary “Christine Valmy Facial Method” is, to this day, a coveted technique that has elevated the standard for spa treatments industry-wide.

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Christine Valmy, The First Lady of Esthetics
Christine Valmy esthetics instructor helping a student perform a skin analysis on another student.

A Superior Education

The beauty industry is vibrant, growing and full of amazing opportunities for those who wish to pursue a career in the field. At Christine Valmy International School, you can harness that opportunity with a top-quality education and ongoing career support.

Christine Valmy students receive meticulous training from certified instructors to learn the science, theory, and practical knowledge of their craft. We thoroughly prepare you to take the state exam with confidence, achieve your license, and transition into a professional environment.

Our alumni are highly sought after by employers because they know we deliver exceptional training. And our continuing education program allows students, alumni and other licensed professionals to learn the latest techniques and technologies to grow their skills and expand their businesses.

An education at Christine Valmy is the first step to an improved quality of life, and the chance to turn a passion for beauty into a financially and emotionally rewarding career.

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Natural, Cruelty-Free Skin Care at Its Finest

Our product philosophy is founded on a deep knowledge of how the skin works. This allows us to explore the best combinations of natural ingredients to alleviate skin concerns and drive long-term results. We combine ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions with 21st-century scientific techniques to develop innovative formulas.

Our objective is always to address the root of skin problems, allowing the skin to heal itself. And we never load our products with unnecessary ingredients. As such, every ingredient serves a purpose, whether it be for increased product absorption or to support the skin’s healthy functioning.

We create our personal and professional products in our own laboratory and factory to ensure the utmost quality and freshness. And we never test on animals—we have a broad network of people with varying skin types who love to help us perfect our lineup.

Experience 75 years of expertise in natural skin care with Christine Valmy products.

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Christine Valmy Skin Care Product on rocks, surrounded by flowers, in front of a body of water.
Client laying down with their eyes closed while receiving a facial treatment mask.

A Comprehensive Approach to Beauty

We are experts in every corner of the industry – creating results-oriented products, establishing optimal treatment methods, and educating new beauty professionals. As a result, we bring a uniquely knowledgeable perspective to everything we do.

Christine Valmy takes a holistic approach to skin care. Formulating new ingredient combinations and inventing treatment procedures gives us superb insight that we pass along to our students. Thus, our students have a competitive edge when they graduate.

And using our formulas and treatments in our courses gives us an extraordinary understanding of how they work on a wide variety of skin types, allowing us to continuously optimize for solving a range of skin issues.

Additionally, we have a large community of alumni and professionals that provide us with an ongoing source of feedback. This enables us to recognize trends and remain at the forefront of the industry.

Our 75-Year History

Awards and Achievements

Ms. Christine Valmy received numerous awards, including the CIDESCO (Comité International D’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie) Médaille du Mérite, awarded for her Professional Standards and Status, and the highest honor of the Eighth French Congress of Esthetics.


CIDESCO was founded in 1946 to:

  • Promote the field of Esthetics internationally and unite members both nationally and internationally
  • Create recognized training centers that follow CIDESCO training programs, leading to CIDESCO examinations and diplomas
  • Promote the free exchange of professional knowledge, new developments and information through international congresses


CIDESCO has national “sections” in 33 countries, and headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. In 1966, Christine Valmy founded the American Aesthetician Association, which became “CIDESCO Section USA” the following year. Ms. Valmy served as president of CIDESCO USA from 1967 to 1986 and organized the CIDESCO World Congresses held in New York in 1972 and 1980.