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Nora Cannizzo, Instructor Supervisor
New Jersey
Nora Cannizzo
Instructor Supervisor
Carol Rudiger, Instructor of Cosmetology and Hairstyling
New Jersey
Carol Rudiger
Instructor of Cosmetology
Claritza Asencio, Instructor of Junior Spanish Skin Care
New Jersey
Claritza Asencio
Spanish-Language Junior Skin Care Instructor
Elayne Perez, Instructor of Senior Spanish Cosmetology
New Jersey
Elayne Perez
Spanish-Language Senior Cosmetology Instructor
Maria Cobo, Instructor of Senior Spanish Skin Care
New Jersey
Maria Cobo
Spanish-Language Senior Skin Care Instructor
Melissa Bogardus, Skin Care Supervisor
New Jersey
Melissa Bogardus
Skin Care Supervisor
Rosy Feijoo, Instructor of Junior Skin Care
New Jersey
Rosy Feijoo
Junior Skin Care Instructor
Samantha Okunak, Instructor of Senior Cosmetology and Skin Care
New Jersey
Samantha Okunak
Senior Cosmetology and Skin Care Instructor
Victor Lupinacci, Instructor of Senior Skin Care
New Jersey
Victor Lupinacci
Senior Skin Care Instructor

All instructors are licensed teachers by the NJ State Board of Cosmetology & Hairstyling