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What Makeup Styles Look Best on Your Face Shape?

We’ve all been there. Your Instagram is exploding with a new makeup trend that you can’t wait to wear. But when you assemble your products and try it out, you’re disappointed with your makeup look.


Those less-than-stellar results might have nothing to do with your application skills or the products you picked. Your face shape is often the main factor in achieving your desired makeup look. To determine your face shape, consider your:

  • Forehead width: from hairline to hairline at the widest point
  • Cheekbone width: from the hairline above the cheekbone, across your face to the same spot on the other side
  • Jawline width: from the base of the jaw (underneath the ear) to the middle of your chin, multiplied by two
  • Face length: from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin

Here are some basic makeup tips for each face shape:



You have this shape if your cheekbone width is about the same as your forehead width, and both are wider than your jawline. Your face will also be slightly longer than it is wide. Common facial features of heart shaped faces are high, prominent cheekbones and a widow’s peak.

Cheeks: Smile and apply a matte blush on the apples of the cheek, blending towards your ear/hairline. This will help accentuate your cheeks. To emphasize your cheekbones more, use a bronzer beneath your cheekbone and under your chin to contour. Apply a sparkly highlighter on the high points of your cheekbones, where the light would naturally hit.

Brows: Rounded brows can help soften your face.

Eyes: Stick with soft lines and subtle liner.

Lips: Add a pop of color to the lips to draw some attention from your strong cheekbones towards the lips. Soft/sheer pinks or reds are recommended.

Bonus tips:

  • Apply a small amount of bronzer to your temples and blend upward towards the center of the forehead.
  • Use your highlighter underneath your brow bone, on your Cupid’s Bow (the curve on your upper lip), and the bridge of your nose.


Your forehead and jawline are both rounded and about the same width. Your jawline has subtle angles. The width of your face will be similar to the length.

Cheeks: Apply a bronzer around the entire outer perimeter of your face and beneath your cheekbones to add some definition and edginess. Highlighter on the high points of your cheeks will help to accentuate your cheekbones. Smile and apply a blush on the apples of your cheeks, blending towards your ear and hairline.

Brows: High, arched brows shapes can help lengthen your face.

Eyes: You can go dramatic when it comes to the eyes. Smoky eyes are great for adding a focal point and definition to the face.

Bonus tips:

  • Add highlighter to your Cupid’s Bow, center of the forehead, underneath the browbone, bridge of the nose, and on the chin.
  • Get on board with contouring!


Square faces typically have an angular jaw and prominent chin. Your cheekbones will be about the same width as your forehead and jaw.  Your hairline typically follows a straight line across your forehead.

Forehead & Jawline: Apply bronzer on your jawline and your temples, gently blending towards the center of your forehead.

Cheeks: Use a fluffy brush to sweep a light layer of bronzer upwards over the hollows of your cheekbones. This can help soften the edges of your face. Apply highlighter on the high points of your cheeks and blend up to the temples. Rosy cream blushes can add the perfect flush to your cheeks.

Lips: Because your lower face is prominent, soft nude and pink lip colors will help draw attention to your lips. Line your lips before applying gloss or lipstick to better define the area.

Brows: Thick brows with a soft arch will draw attention to eyes.

Eyes: People with square faces may also want to focus on their lashes, accompanied by a light-colored eyeshadow. Apply a thickening, lengthening mascara.

Bonus tip: Soft and ethereal makeup looks help to soften angular features.



The width of your forehead is smaller than the width of your cheekbones. Those with oval shaped faces will typically have a tall forehead, and the cheekbones are the widest part of the face.

Cheeks: Apply a bronzer working from the temples down to the center of your face, and lightly brush over your cheekbones. Use a light touch of blush, blending from the temples down to the apples of the cheeks, focusing on the cheekbones. 

Lips: Line your lips before applying gloss or lipstick to better define the chin area.

Brows: Softly-angled brows can help balance facial features and give more shape.

Eyes: You can accentuate the shape of your eyes by applying a light-colored eyeshadow and then blending a darker color into the crease. 

Bonus tips:

  • Apply a highlighter to the highpoints of the entire face: temples, chin, Cupid’s Bow, bridge of the nose, and under the brow bone.
  • Concentrate on one specific feature (eyes vs. lips) while keeping the other simple.
  • Oval face shapes can pull off more looks than some others. However, balance is key. Be careful not to go too dramatic on any one part of your face.


Oblong faces are longer than they are wide. The forehead, cheeks, and jaw are all about the same width. The chin will have a slight curve, and the jawline is strong and squared.

Cheeks: Emphasize the cheeks by placing a bronzer in the hollows of your cheekbones and adding blush to the apple of the cheeks. Blend back and out to add width. Apply highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones, blending back towards the temples and under the brow bone. 

Brows: Long, flat brows help add width to the face.

Eyes: Have as much fun as you want with your eyes: apply cat-eye eyeliner, brightly colored shadow, and fun false lashes.

Lips: Skip the lip liner and bright lip colors. Keep the lips a subtle shade of pink.

Bonus tips:

  • Add highlighter to the tip of the nose and Cupid’s Bow.
  • Avoid placing highlighter on the forehead and chin, as this can make your face appear longer.


Your cheeks are wider than your forehead and chin. The difference between these widths can be subtle or dramatic. Those with diamond shaped faces typically have a more pointed chin.

Forehead & Jawline: Individuals with diamond-shaped faces may want to contour with two shades of foundation for more balance. Use the darker shade (no more than two shades darker than your skin color) on the tip of your chin to soften and give the illusion of a wider jaw. Also use the darker shade near the temples and blend upwards toward your hairline. Use the lighter foundation along your jawline and blend so that you’re unable to see where one foundation ends and the other begins.

Brows: Softly-curved eyebrows can help shorten and soften the face.

Cheeks: Place highlighter on the highpoints of your cheekbones to accentuate them. Only apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and avoid blushes with a shimmer in them.

Lips: Picking natural shades and light colors is recommended. Follow the natural line of the lips when applying lip liner to avoid making the lips appear wider than they are and the chin look thinner.


No matter your face shape, have fun with your makeup!

If your current makeup obsession is listed as a “don’t” for your face shape, don’t be discouraged. Every face shape is equally beautiful and every face is unique. Ultimately, your makeup look should enhance your natural features and personality. Go with what makes you feel gorgeous and confident!

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