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Lotion X Bubble Mask

This new mask is an excitingly fresh take on our industry-leading Lotion X Blackhead Melting Lotion, a must-have for any facial extraction procedure. Now, you can bubble blackheads away!

Woman with Lotion X Bubble Mask under steamer

This first-of-its-kind desincrustation lotion begins to bubble upon application, delivering a refreshing tingling sensation as it works to soften sebaceous oils and dirt in the pores. The all-natural formula accelerates emulsification to make extractions significantly easier, and the bubbling effect makes for an invigorating and memorable client experience.

Expanding on our top-selling Lotion X offering, the Lotion X Bubble Mask is a distinctive and highly effective addition to any facial treatment!

Take advantage of our IECSC sale ongoing through Sunday, March 15th at midnight, to receive 10% off on 8 fl oz. bottles!

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Learn to Use the Lotion X Bubble Mask in a Treatment