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CV Expands Professional Product Suite with Two Innovative New Offerings

NEW YORK, NY – 3/2/2020 – Christine Valmy, creator of renowned natural skin care products for consumers and professionals and operator of esteemed educational institutions in the field of beauty, has launched two new B2B skin care products, designed to elevate the client experience delivered by spas, salons, and self-employed estheticians across the country. The Vegan Collagen Anti-Aging/CBD Calming Kit and the Lotion X Bubble Mask will debut at the 2020 International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference in New York City on Sunday, March 8th.


The Vegan Collagen Anti-Aging/CBD Calming Kit introduces a revolutionary freeze-dried vegan collagen that is derived from fermented yeast. Unlike molecules from animal-based collagen, which are often too large to penetrate the skin, this vegan collagen increases hydration without clogging pores. There are 12 individual collagen balls included in the kit. Skin will be plumper and moister in just one application.


This pure vegan collagen is activated by specialized booster elixirs, and included in the kit are two elixir options allowing an esthetician to tailor the effects of the treatment to their clients’ desired results. An Algae and Niacinamide Anti-Aging Elixir combats fine lines and wrinkles, while a CBD elixir provides a calming effect. This treatment is Christine Valmy’s first endeavor into harnessing the relaxing powers of hemp-derived CBD.


The second product to be unveiled at IECSC 2020 in NYC is a new take on Christine Valmy’s highly-regarded desincrustation lotion, Lotion X. The first-of­ its-kind Lotion X Bubble Mask begins to bubble upon application, delivering a refreshing tingling sensation as it works to soften sebaceous oils and dirt in the pores. The natural formula accelerates emulsification for effortless extractions, and the bubbling feeling can turn the process of unclogging pores into an enjoyable and memorable experience. The Lotion X Bubble Mask is a distinctive and highly effective addition to any facial treatment.


“The leadup to IECSC is always my favorite time of year, because I am challenged to invent exciting and unique new products that bring our professional line to the next level,” said Marina Valmy, President of Christine Valmy. “This year, we ventured into new territory with collagen balls that are 100% vegan, and an elixir made from the enormously promising ingredient, hemp-based CBD.”


We’re also thrilled to expand on our extremely popular Lotion X product offering. Our blackhead melting lotion is already considered a must-have by the many estheticians who use it. Now we’re providing another option that is just as effective – and feels invigorating in a whole new way. The Lotion X Bubble Mask is something that we’ve had only our esthetics students try so far, and they’ve been absolutely delighted. Not only is it fun and different, but it works really well. I can’t wait to show the professional beauty community what we’ve created this year.”


Watch the tutorial videos which demonstrate facial treatments using the Vegan Collagen Kit and Lotion X Bubble Mask on our thought leadership destination. They are also available on our Youtube Channel.


Christine Valmy’s natural, cruelty-free consumer and professional products are available at

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