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CV Alum, Sofie Pavitt, Skincare Brand and Studio Owner, Takes the Beauty World by Storm

3/28/2024— Christine Valmy is thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of CV esthetics alum Sofie Pavitt – a beacon of success in the beauty world! From the inception of her skincare studio to the release of her skincare line, ‘Sofie Pavitt Face,’ Sofie’s story is one of inspiration and determination. Her achievements have been recognized by prestigious publications such as W Magazine, Fashionista, The Cut, and many more, catapulting her to be one of the most sought-after estheticians in NYC. Her success is a shining example for those aspiring to make their mark in the industry!

Sofie’s success as an esthetician and the experience of owning her skincare studio have given her a platform to speak on topics circulating throughout the industry. She frequently advises publications about how she combats skincare concerns such as acne. In W Magazine and Refinery29 articles, Sofie shares that controlling your diet is the most critical defense against unhealthy skin! She also advises against skincare misconceptions she hears as an esthetician. One of the most common ones she encounters is clients thinking they need long, paradoxical skincare routines, which she views as unnecessary and often dangerous for your skin. Sofie’s passion for educating those dealing with skincare concerns is admirable, helping her become a fan favorite in the packed beauty industry!

In September 2023, Sofie released the third product in her skincare line – the Nice Ice Toner Pad. The Nice Ice pads combine ice’s soothing and anti-inflammatory properties with ingredients commonly used to fight breakouts. This new product exemplifies her extensive skincare knowledge and creativity! Coming up with innovative, easy-to-use, and effective methods to address skincare concerns has contributed to her enormous success in the beauty industry, and led to her feature in Fashionista and BYRDIE articles.

We’re bursting with pride for Sofie and all she has achieved, and we are confident that her accomplishments are far from over. Her success is a testament to her talent, hard work, and the values she embodies. Christine Valmy is truly honored to have her as a member of our CV Family, and we eagerly anticipate the next chapter of her inspiring story!

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Photo Credits: Meredith Jenks

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