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How to Care for Dry Skin

Everyone’s skin is a little different. You have probably heard terms like dry, oily, and combination used to describe different skin types. Today, we’ll be discussing dry skin! When the weather gets colder and the air gets drier, it becomes increasingly more important to nourish skin and keep it hydrated and healthy. Use the tips below to determine if you have dry skin, and discover our recommended dry skin care routine that will see you smoothly through the fall and winter months.

Do I Have Dry Skin?

Determining your skin type can be trickier than it sounds! Dry skin typically feels tight, especially after a hot shower or bath. It can also feel textured and rough, rather than smooth and soft. Sometimes it becomes irritated, red, and itchy. In severe cases, skin can even become flaky and chapped.

What Causes Dry Skin?

Dry skin is caused by a mixture of genetic and external factors. It occurs when you have what is called a “weak moisture barrier.” This means that your skin struggles to retain moisture. In the winter months, dry skin can intensify because there is less moisture in the air.

The Ideal Dry Skin Care Routine

Below, we’ve outlined a skin care routine that can help to relieve some of the side effects of dry skin and create that coveted dewy complexion.


  • Cleanser: Start with a cleanser in the morning to remove any dirt or oil build-up. With dry skin, you may think that a cleanser will have a stripping effect on the skin. However, conditioning cleansers like our Valcreme: Morning Cleansing Cream have a gentle, non-foaming design specifically created to help reduce flaking and itching.
  • Moisturizer: Follow your cleanser with a creamy moisturizer that will help your skin retain moisture and remain hydrated, smooth, and luminous throughout the day. Our Ecran: Daytime Protection & Hydration Lotion helps lock moisture in while shielding the skin from external pollutants, makeup, and dirt. It can also help to protect against damage caused by blue light.
  • SPF: Whether you’re heading outside or not, it is always a good idea to complete your morning routine with an SPF lotion. The sun’s rays can further irritate the skin, causing additional dryness and aging effects over time.


  • Cleanser: Once again, you should cleanse your skin in the evening, regardless of if you wore makeup during the day or not. Stick with a nourishing cleanser that won’t exacerbate any dry skin symptoms. We recommend our Dermafluid: Cleansing Milk & Makeup Remover since it contains natural calming ingredients, like lavender.
  • Toner: A toner will help to rebalance the skin after cleansing in the evening. For dry skin, avoid toners with stripping acids and alcohols, and instead opt for hydrating toners with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and chamomile. Our go-to is the 5.5 pH Toner! It’s expertly formulated with natural extracts like Chamomile, Aloe and Allantoin which have a gentle, calming effect on the skin.
  • Eye Cream: The skin around the eyes is extra sensitive, so it deserves some extra care! Our Valessence 100: Firming & Anti-Aging Eye Cream contains vitamins and botanical ingredients that help rehydrate the eye area and reduce the appearance of tell-tale signs of aging.
  • Serum: With our Vita Repair Skin Serum, your skin will get an additional boost of vitamins and nutrients. These help to further replenish lost moisture to reduce dryness and improve the appearance of dull skin.
  • Moisturizer: Don’t forget to end your routine with an extra nourishing moisturizer like Valissima! It helps restore natural moisture to the skin while you sleep for revitalized, soft skin in the morning.

A Few Times a Week

  • Exfoliant: Our Cell Refresh Exfoliation Lotion uses AHAs to help gently exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt. While over-exfoliation can irritate dry skin further, try to exfoliate once a week to avoid clogged pores.
  • Mask: Our Valte Hydrating Mask is a great addition to a dry skin care routine. Made with White and Green Tea, Lotus, and Ginseng, this ultra-hydrating mask helps give your skin an extra dose of moisture, leaving it velvety smooth and silky.

Discover Skin Care at Christine Valmy

At Christine Valmy, we create effective skin care products by combining Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions with modern scientific innovation. Our one-of-a-kind formulas are designed to target your specific skin care needs and concerns. Take a look at our range of well-loved products or contact us to find out more about Christine Valmy.

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