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CV Love-Fest Series

We are honored to have customers who have been trusting our natural, cruelty-free formulas for decades. Here's why!

Claudia, CV Family Member for 50+ Years

“I have used Christine Valmy since college in the early 1970s and it has NEVER FAILED to bring about amazing results within my skin!!”

Long-Time CV Customer - CV Lovefest Series

Sheri, CV Family Member for 35+ Years

Long-Time CV Customer - CV Lovefest Series

“Christine Valmy products are ahead of the times. Folks don’t realize that Christine Valmy was actually a pioneer of esthetics in the United States. What is now so popular – homeopathic skin care products – she was doing all along! “

Louise, CV Family Member for 50 Years

“I had problem skin since my teen years and was always trying to take care of it. I didn’t know how until someone told me about Christine Valmy in 1972. My skin improved almost immediately, and I have been a devoted customer ever since!”

Long-Time CV Customer - CV Lovefest Series

Jeanne, CV Family Member for 50+ Years

Long-Time CV Customer - CV Lovefest Series

“People always remark how I don’t have wrinkles like other women my age. I can only conclude that it is because of CV products. When I started with Christine Valmy, I was 20 and had oily/breakout skin. Now at 71, I have the opposite. CV products have given the best to my face!!”

Sheina, CV Family Member for 7 Years

“I am a huge fan of the Christine Valmy products, I find them to be gentle yet very effective. I love that they are mostly plant-based, organic, and not tested on animals. I trust your line and sell your products because I truly believe in the products.”

Long-Time CV Customer - CV Lovefest Series

Millicent, CV Family Member for 4 Years

Long-Time CV Customer - CV Lovefest Series

“I have never used a line of skin care products that fit every criterion: cruelty-free, pure & plant-based, small company (European background is a bonus!), and takes such good care of my skin.”

Nancy, CV Family Member for 40+ Years

“I have very dry and sensitive skin. Nothing seemed to work for me until I found Christine Valmy. I love that CV uses only the best ingredients for its products. I have reviewed my products with my dermatologist and she was absolutely thrilled with the results! The dry tightness I had on my face just disappeared.”

Christine, CV Family Member for 50 Years

“When I was 19 I used a CV blemish kit to heal my skin, and it worked! I never thought I’d ever have clear skin until I used CV. I gained confidence knowing I had clear skin and was able to face people!”

Tina, CV Family Member for 19 Years

“I have been an Aesthetician for 19 years and have found these products to be great for all skin types and ages. Very natural, yet effective!”

Sandra, CV Family Member for 46 Years

“Simple, pure, and rich products with no chemicals! I am very careful about reading label ingredients and purity.”