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We have modified the Clinic to prepare you for the real-life job market. Most of the salons that hire our students have suggested additional preparation for the outside world which is built on sales (products and services) and how much revenue they can make with you.

You can be the best esthetician with wonderful hands, but if you do not know how to sell the services of the salon and their products, you will not achieve your optimum potential success. We will help prepare you for both.

Clinic is not just a place to practice hands-on treatments; it’s where students begin to develop client communication and learn to stay flexible as they prepare to get hired by various companies and brands for their services.

Therefore, we have come up with a system to help you develop the skills needed to get the best jobs available. Frequent lectures will be scheduled for which attendance is mandatory for credit hours. The video conferencing software tracks time attended. Clinic will also comprise of Open Hours (for which 1.5 hours per session is required) and homework project assignments. Attendance is taken for Clinic Open Hours.

Schedules: We are only operating three schedules: Daytime, Evening, and Weekend. If you are Part-Time Monday/Tuesday, you would attend the Daytime sessions for Monday and Tuesday. If you are Part-Time Wednesday-Friday, you would attend the Daytime sessions for Wednesday-Friday. Evening and Weekend continue to attend their respective schedules. Your schedule for each day could include a mix of Lecture, Open Hours, and time to work on your assignment.

Given this new format, should you want to change your schedule to full time if you are currently part time, please contact [email protected].

In addition, for those students who are conducting the majority of Clinic studies online, you will be able to attend an optional five (5) days of in-person Clinic once we reopen the school for in-person practice of facials and waxing as well as to discuss any questions you may have. We want make sure you are prepped for the state board exams and the job market. This will require registration with Student Services.

Key Details 

Homework Projects: Projects are due depending on your schedule and your Clinic start date. Full-time students should expect to receive 1 week to complete a homework assignment and part-time students should expect to receive 2 weeks to complete a homework assignment. Assignments must be emailed to: [email protected]. Email submissions to a different email account will not be recorded properly.

You will be graded on originality, thoroughness, and detail.

Homework will be graded on a scale based on High Pass, Pass, and Fail. You may redo a project only once if the grade is a Fail.

For Honors Diploma: You must complete all projects on time and have a High Pass on the majority of your projects. This means no “shortcuts,” and projects should be well researched, prepared and presented.

Open Clinic Hours with teacher: This will be available on an open Zoom meeting for all students to practice their movements and talk to / review with a teacher. 1.5 hours are required per session of Open Clinic Hours. Thereafter, should you wish, you can use any remaining time to work on homework projects. You may stay for the entire Clinic Open Hours, but only 1.5 hours is required per session. Use this time to review technique.

Video Submissions: You can submit videos and photos of your treatments to [email protected] for evaluation and review.