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Alumni Spotlight: Kalliopi Perceli, Esthetician at Sage Day Spa

Alumni Spotlight on esthetics grad, Kalliopi Perceli! She is an empathetic and hardworking individual whose educational journey was driven by a love for skincare and a desire to grow her knowledge in the field. The most valuable lesson she learned at CV is the importance of helping others feel their best. Creating a warm and judgment-free environment is important for any client-facing role, but it is crucial as an esthetician. Honing her interpersonal skills has been vital for Kalliopi’s growth and success in the skincare industry, and she now confidently pampers clients at Sage Day Spa in Connecticut! Her advice to new graduates is to be patient while searching for jobs, and to never stop learning – continuously improving your craft is key to becoming a desired esthetician!

  1. What specialty(s) did you study during your time at CV? Esthetics. My specialties are facials, waxing and makeup but I mainly focus on facials, back facials and waxing!
  2. What year did you graduate? I graduated in April of 2022! 
  3. What are you doing now? I am a member of Sage Day Spa LLC in Seymour CT.
  4. What was your journey like to get to your current role? My journey has been incredible! I work with two wonderful people, and I meet so many new people who really enjoy getting their services done by me!
  5. What was your favorite part about your time as a CV student? I really loved CV! I love that I got to learn all the things I have learned! I love that it was my introduction to entering the beauty industry! I am grateful for everyone I met at CV, from teachers to classmates! Lastly, I am honored that I had the chance to work with CV products and find out how great and simple they are to use!
  6. What is something you learned during your time at CV that has stuck with you today? The thing that I still keep from my times in CV is that you should never judge someone because you never know what they have been through or even what they are going through and that we should try our best to make them feel their best!
  7. Do you have any advice for someone who is considering a beauty education? My advice for someone considering getting into the beauty industry is to be patient, listen to what people say, and be very gentle in every way possible. Never make your clients feel like they are either rushed during a service or that they are being judged; always keep in mind how you would feel!
  8. Do you have any wise words for students who are about to graduate and look for their first professional job in the industry? Remember that it’s not the easiest thing to start from scratch. They will have to be very focused on their studies now that they are still in school because when it’s time to get a job, they will need to be prepared because there are so many professionals with much more experience!
  9. Which CV products are always in your Inventory or shelf? My top products are the Cherry Mask (#1) because it is super hydrating and works for all skin types! Coming in on number 2 is Body Satin  because it has such a smooth and hydrating feeling to it! Last but not least is 5.5 pH TONER because it is great for everyone! These are my top 3 products but I love all CV products that are out there!                                                                                             

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