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Alumni Spotlight: Jonathan Kertis, Owner of Let’s Glow Skincare, LLC

Alumni spotlight on Jonathan Kertis, Esthetics alum and owner of Let’s Glow Skincare, LLC! Learn about Jonathan’s journey from CV student to licensed esthetician, owning Let’s Glow Skincare, LLC, as well as his dream of having his own spa! Jonathan also shares the valuable lessons he’s learned along the way.

  1. What specialty(s) did you study during your time at CV? Esthetics, Skin Care Specialist
  2. What year did you graduate? 2019.
  3. What are you doing now? Currently, I am working at Anagen Hair Face and Body Solutions in Fairfield and The Elysium Biodynamic Spa and Salon in Morristown as an Esthetician. I also work as a freelance creative director and help Estheticians and those in the beauty/cosmetics industry develop their brand and social media. I currently own Let’s Glow Skincare, LLC (, and I am expanding an online following and e-commerce store until I open the doors to my spa.
  4. What was your journey like to get to your current role? Having CV as my education is notable in the industry, and I landed a job a week after graduating. I followed the message boards and emails from Janine and applied to the positions that best suited my path.
  5. What was your favorite part about your time as a CV student? The hands-on experience with the clients on the senior floor and developing friendships with other students. You are ultimately in a network of people who can give you advice, offer job opportunities, and share the fun of not dirtying your white scrub pants daily. So be nice to everyone!
  6. What is something you learned during your time at CV that has stuck with you today? Always make contact with the client before touching their face, or you will scare them. (trust me)
  7. Do you have any advice for someone who is considering a beauty education? The beauty field is changing and always will. There will always be a need for beauty professionals, and new products are available every day. Keep an open mind to the basics and expand your education. The hardest part (in my opinion) is developing a following, which will take time, but it is definitely worth the effort!
  8. Do you have any wise words for students who are about to graduate and look for their first professional job in the industry?Absolutely. My top two tips:1) Sure, we want to learn it all, but I think it’s best if you to MASTER a few modalities or treatments, aside from the signature CV facial. There will be many classes offered, but I suggest making sure you LOVE it before committing to it. If I see an esthetic menu with 12 services, I question, are you good or GREAT. When you first start, keep it small. Develop a following, then introduce new services to your clients of retention.2) Social Media! What will set you apart from all your other graduates? Develop your unique brand, logo, and style to attract your clients. Use your voice paired with your vision while implementing the education you learned at CV and beyond.
  9. What CV product is always in your inventory or on your shelf? Why? Lotion X. There is no product as effective as Lotion X. Extractions are more comfortable and painless.

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