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Alumni Spotlight: Alicia Allen, Licensed Esthetician

Alumni Spotlight on Skin Care alum, Alicia Allen! She explains how following her dream of working in a Medical Spa taught her the value of being a well-rounded esthetician. Alicia shares how she utilized her skin care, customer service, and networking skills to land her dream job at a MedSpa in the Ritz Carlton!

  1. What specialty(s) did you study during your time at CV? I studied Skin Care (Esthetics).
  2. What year did you graduate? I graduated in May of 2015.
  3. What are you doing now? Currently, I am working in a Med Spa at the Ritz Carlton Residence in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore City.
  4. What was your journey like to get to your current role? My journey had its ups and downs – it was challenging, yet rewarding! I always knew I wanted to work in a MedSpa with a Plastic Surgeon or in a Dermatologist’s Office to help people to feel good about themselves, but had to gain more experience to work as a medical esthetician. I went on several interviews with MedSpas immediately after passing my state board and was told that I needed at least 2 years of experience.  I knew what I had to do, and that was to get hands-on experience. My first job out of school was at a European Wax Center. Although waxing was not something that I had much interest in, I knew that I needed to not only gain experience in the area of esthetics I was seeking but to gain overall experience so as not to limit my skills. This meant to improve my waxing skills, work on timing, retailing, client retention, and overall customer service. These are all important skills to build in addition to hands-on experience. There’s a difference between learning and doing it! Christine Valmy was and is great at sending listings on job opportunities. There was a post looking for someone to do some promotional work for a spa. I looked up the spa’s menu and bingo…. it was a MedSpa, the opportunity I had been waiting for! For several years prior to attending CV, I worked in Management in the Beauty Industry at a couple of high-end beauty brands. Long story short, I was hired at the time to hand out brochures to attract clients to the spa. I knew that I was good at communicating and had great interpersonal skills, and was hoping to leave a good impression (and I did!). Six months later I was asked if I would be interested in doing administrative work and sharing my managerial expertise in the beauty industry in exchange for Medical Esthetician Training. I learned everything from Chemical Peels to Spray Tanning, Teeth Whitening and more! The spa owner was also a Christine Valmy alumni. I also had the opportunity to shadow a Cosmetic Surgeon doing Smart Liposuction. In 2018 I moved to Maryland and began working in a Luxury Spa at a casino. While working there one of my clients, who happened to be a plastic surgeon, informed me that she was opening a MedSpa at the Ritz Carlton Residence, where I currently work today. We provide everything from spa treatments to modern esthetics and wellness services.
  5. What was your favorite part about your time as a CV student? I would say my favorite time was the hands-on training and taking advanced courses.
  6. What is something you learned during your time at CV that has stuck with you today? How important consultations and intake forms are to providing an adequate and customized service. For example, a guest may choose a service from the spa menu that may not align with their concerns, or you may notice something on the intake form which may not be suitable for the guest (i.e. the guest has a pace maker and wants a service that uses an electrical current). That would not be a good outcome!
  7. Do you have any advice for someone who is considering a beauty education? Being an esthetician is a profession where you have to keep up with continued education and continue to put in your time, effort, and money into furthering your career and expanding your knowledge of skin care techniques.
  8. Do you have any wise words for students who are about to graduate and look for their first professional job in the industry? You want to affirm that you are a valuable asset! At first, you must be open to getting experience and building your resume to not limit your esthetic skills. You can always find your niche later if you choose to do so. Network and build a brand. Be patient with yourself and stay consistent, it takes time to build up clientele. It takes hard work, dedication, a commitment to learning and growing to make you the best esthetician you can be.
  9. What CV product is always in your inventory or on your shelf? Why? The Vegetal Peeling Mask and Deep Cleanser! The Vegetale Peeling Mask is one of my favorite exfoliants and it’s great for skin renewal. I like using it when I have a special event prior to my makeup application. It leaves your skin smooth so that it’s flawless for makeup, and it’s great for the lips! I use Deep Cleanser for my first cleanse. It’s great for removing makeup, oil, debris and helps to protect my skincare barrier.

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