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Alumni Spotlight: Alexandra Turcanu, Owner of Estetiquette Spa

Alumni spotlight on Esthetics alum, Alexandra Turcanu! After receiving her diploma and license, Alexandra remained committed to learning on her journey to owning her spa, Estetiquette Spa! She describes how working in various spas and furthering her knowledge with CV’s continuing education seminars, along with her passion for natural beauty, helped her achieve her dream.

  1. What specialty(s) did you study during your time at CV? At Christine Valmy I studied Esthetics, the art of enhancing the skin’s appearance with different modalities and natural ingredients. I also attended their Continuing Education seminars and became certified to use advanced apparatus and techniques such as Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Skin Renewal Treatment, Laser Hair Removal, Waxing and Indian Scalp Massage.
  2. What year did you graduate? I graduated from Christine Valmy and went on to obtain my New York State Ethetics License in 2016.
  3. What are you doing now? I’ve been the owner and operator of Estetiquette Spa in Garden City since 2019. I make sure to carefully listen to my clients’ skin care goals and concerns. I strive to give them an ideal experience by designing personal skin treatments and plans, unique to their needs. At the same time, I aim to provide gentle, honest feedback and their concerns and follow up on the outcomes. I also try to have one-on-one conversations about developing healthy skin habits and take the extra time to explain the variety of products and options for maintaining a simple and effective anti-aging skin regimen. I also try to explain how important is to regularly have facial treatments and anti-aging procedures.
  4. What was your journey like to get to your current role? Lots of hard work and constant learning! My previous experience as a skin therapist for Equinox Spa and Barney’s, and a facialist for 3LAB. Being certified in the use of HydraFacial, Christine Valmy, 3LAB, Coudalie, Rodial, SkinCeuticals performance treatment helps a lot, as well. The passion for beauty and enhancing the natural beauty of the skin was something I knew I want to study since a young age. I always flirted with cosmetology, and when I was 18 years old, I graduated as a cosmetologist back in my native Romania. I should also mention that it was not an easy jorney, but with perseverance and passion, I was able to keep going!
  5. What was your favorite part about your time as a CV student? My favorite part about my time as a student at Christine Valmy was the practice of what I was learning. Being able to apply my learnings in real life, though it was just on my colleagues and friends, was a great experience for me. I couldn’t wait until the next time when someone was asking for a facial!
  6. What is something you learned during your time at CV that has stuck with you today? A lot of things stuck with me, but some notable ones are their products’ quality and the CV facial massage techniques.
  7. Do you have any advice for someone who is considering a beauty education? All I can say is that if you are passionate about anything related to esthetics then you will have the drive to succeed. It might take a few years of practice and constant learning about new procedures and products, but it will pay off! Opportunity always favors hard-working individuals.
  8. Do you have any wise words for students who are about to graduate and look for their first professional job in the industry? Focus on what you are good at and do not give up on becoming the best version of yourself! The beauty industry offers a wide range of opportunities in different areas and services. Avoid distractions and prioritize in order to reach your goal. Getting a base of faithful clients might take some time, but it will happen. Once you get there, you can think about the next step, which is THE DREAM – opening your own place!
  9. What CV product is always in your inventory or on your shelf? Why? I always carry CV products, because I feel confident to use them, on myself and my clients. These products are natural, cruelty-free and result-oriented. I love them! My favorite products are the plant extracts (Ginseng, Allaintoin, Aloe, Chamomile, and Azuline), Five Minute Mask, Cell Refresh, Vegetal Peeling Mask, Lotion X, Cell Renewal Cream, Valora II, and Embryoval.

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