Veteran Affairs FAQ'S

VA Frequently Asked Questions


1. When should I apply for my VA education benefits?

You should apply for your benefits at least six weeks prior to the eligible semester or session for which you enroll.


2. How much money will I receive?

Your VA education benefits will vary based on the type of benefit, the number of credit hours for which you are enrolled, and the current pay rates. For current rates, visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website:


3. Will my VA education benefits cover my educational charges?

The amount of your VA education benefits will be based on the type of VA benefit for which you are eligible, the number or credit hours you schedule, and the current VA Rates. Unless you're receiving Chapter 31 (i.e. Vocational Rehabilitation) benefits, your VA education benefits will be paid to you directly in monthly installments over the enrollment period. Christine Valmy expects your charges to be paid according with your school payment plan. It is the student’s responsibility to pay those charges by the due date. If you need assistance paying your charges, you may apply for financial aid.


4. Can I receive regular financial aid while receiving VA education benefits?

Yes. Applying for financial aid will not affect your VA education benefits.


5. What should I do if I cannot pay my charges by the due date because my VA check is late?

Contact the Financial Aid office for information about available financial aid programs and advise them of your situation.


6. What should I do if I do not receive my VA check?

Call the Department of Veterans Affairs toll free number 1-888-GIBILL1 (888-442-4551) to see if the check has been mailed or the funds have been directly deposited. If the funds have not been released, be sure to ask why. If it is a school-related concern, contact the VA Certifying Official.


8. I've been called to Active Duty and am withdrawing from school. What do I need to know?

The National Association of Student Financial Administrators (NASFAA) has created a "Reserve/Guard Call-Up Financial Aid Page" at, the page provides convenient access to guidance and resources related to the continuing call to active military duty of students who are members of the Reserves and National Guard.


9. If I withdraw from school while collecting VA education benefits and then return, will I automatically continue to receive my benefits?

No. Be sure to immediately notify the VA Certifying Official that you have withdrawn. When you decide to return to school, contact the VA Certifying Official to request that payment resume.


10. What changes should I report to the VA Certifying Official?

To avoid delays or overpayment of VA education benefits, each VA benefit recipient is responsible for reporting any changes in status to the VA Certifying Official, including:

• Change of Address

• Change of Program

• Change in Enrollment Status (e.g. drop from full- to part-time)

• Withdrawal from school


11. Can I transfer my GI Bill® benefits to my spouse or child?

Yes, it is possible, in some instances, to transfer your GI Bill® benefits to a dependent. For more information, please contact a VA education benefits counselor at 1-888-GIBILL1.


12. How can I find out about all VA benefits to which I am entitled?

Contact the Department of Veterans Affairs toll free 1-800-827-1000 or visit their website at:


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