Valora III - 31_N
Valora III is an extra-mild, alcohol-free toner, specially-formulated for even the most sensitive skins. Science and natural botanicals work together within Valora III to tone without irritation, while Valora III works with other products within the Peach Suite Line to improve your skin's health. This non-drying toner contains lipoproteins, which replicate the lipid layer of youthful skin, improving the skin's ability to heal itself. Calming botanicals Rosemary, Aloe and Chamomile soothe and calm redness and irritations. It finishes the job of cleansing products, helping to remove any dirt, pollutants of make-up caught deep in the pores. Mature skin will benefit greatly from the essential oils contained within. No matter what your skin type, it will be left clean, revived, toned and more healthy.
Product Benefits
- Excellent non-alcoholic toner for mature sensitve skin
- Help to remove any dirt, polluants of makeup caught deep in the pores
- Revived skin for deep penetration
- Rebalanced skin pH for healthy, nourish skin

Size Available: 
4 oz


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