5.5 pH Toner - 72

This refreshing, non-drying and extra mild lotion gently tones and revitalizes the skin surface, preparing it for deep penetration. Chlorophyll, Ginseng and Wheat Germ Extracts nourish and rebalance the skin while Chamomile, Aloe and Allantoin soothe and calm irritation.  5.5 pH Toner heals as it cleans and won't dry your skin out or cause irritation, leaving you with soft, supple, pH-balanced skin.

Product Benefits

- Remove residue of dirt, make-up and environmental pollutants
- Restore skin to its proper pH level
- Very gentle it revitalizes skin surface
- Prepares skin for deep penetration
- Having the same pH than the skin, it is specially-made for the most sensitive skin

Size Available: 
4.73 oz


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