Zapper - 126_N

Zapper makes pimples disappear quickly. If used in the first stage of the pimple, this one will even never appear at all! It works its way to the root of the problem, killing bacteria and shrinking the pore within 24 hours. When applied to pimples already on the surface, Burdock and Arnica extracts help to heal and smooth away any marks. Zinc Oxide works to draw impurities from the skin, while Witch Hazel tones and soothes, and Colloidal Sulfur and Resorcinol provide antiseptic action. All age groups and skin types will find this product very, very helpful.  

Product Benefits

- Killed bacteria responsible for the inflammation
- Helps to smooth and calm irritation
- Make pimples disappear or not appearing at all!
- Excellent to use on every pimple
- Roll-on offers a nice and easy application

Size Available: 
0.3 oz


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