Valpure - 30_N
This facial cleanser is specifically designed to treat sensitive skin with the light touch it demands.This non-drying, deep-cleaning milk removes dirt and make-up without irritating the skin.Impurities are gently loosened and lifted, while dead cells and environmental pollutants are washed away, allowing the skin to breathe freely.




Product Benefits
- Removes the day's dirt, pollutants, make-up and dead cells
- Fights the damaging effects of time and the elements
- Your skin will regain the ability to heal itself and fight off free radicals, preventing premature aging. 

-multiple botanical extracts that calm delicate skin, plant extracts to help relieve irritations caused by environmental conditions.

- It's pH-neutral, so it won't disturb your skin's fragile balance.

- Light mineral oil in this specialized formula will not clog pores.

- It quickly breaks down make-up and dirt, leaving the skin clean and prepared to absorb nourishing creams.










Size Available: 
5 oz


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