Valora I - 101_N
Gentle cleansing milk softens as it thoroughly lifts dirt, pollutants and makeup from the skin surface, removing impurities and enabling the skin to breathe. Ginseng Extract revitalizes dry and dehydrated skin, while Peach Kernel and Chamomile Extracts soothe and calm. Meadowfoam Seed Oil is added to this specialized formula to break down pollution, makeup and dirt, leaving the skin clean and prepared to absorb nourishing creams.
Product Benefits
- Gentle, non-irritating, deep pore cleansing milk
- Helps break down the bond between the dead cells, dirt and makeup on the surface of the skin
- Neutral pH does not irritate the acid mantle
- Leaves the skin soft, comfortable, clean and revived

Size Available: 
8 oz

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