Valmist II - 162_N
Light, refreshing, hydrating herbal mist with plant-derived Collagen, Rosemary, Rose, Gentian and Geranium hydrates and rebalances skin, giving a moist, lustrous, even appearance. Excellent for replenishing any moisture lost as a result of exposure to hostile conditions. Maintain skin moisture by applying during dry weather, when traveling by air, after exercising, or to refresh skin in excessive heat. Apply on top of makeup to set and give a more professional look.
Product Benefits
- Maintains skin’s moisture throughout the day
- Hydrates and protects skin
- Leaves skin soft and moist
- Provides a quick “pick me up” for tired skin
- Excellent product to be used outdoors where air is dry, due to controlled heating or air conditioning
- Super results when used throughout airplane flights… to be used continuously every 30-45 minutes to keep the skin from peeling and cracking due to dry air
- Sets makeup and gives a flawless finish

Size Available: 
1.69 oz


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