Grape Seed

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Grape Seed (Genus Vitis): Grape seed oil is full of antioxidants knowns as oligomeric proanthocyandin complexes and Linoleic Acid, which offer great anti-aging properties. Its fine texture and molecules offer excellent absorbancy.

Products with this ingredient

Neem Purifying Cleanser
Combination, Mature/Aging and Premature Aging
Anytime Turmeric exfoliating cleansing cream for a...
Size Available: 3 oz
Price: $23.50

Dehydrated and Dry
Nighttime Light moisture Lotion for Dehydrated Ski...
Size Available: 1.69 oz
Price: $26.00

Dehydrated, Dry, Mature/Aging and Premature Aging
AHA Nighttime Hydration lotion for Damaged Skin
Size Available: 1 oz
Price: $30.50

Body Satin
Dehydrated and Dry
Body Lotion for Dehydrated Skin
Size Available: 5 oz
Price: $20.00

Cellular Mask
Super Hydrating Nourishing Mask for Dry Dehydrated...
Size Available: 1.70 oz
Price: $50.00

Mature/Aging and Premature Aging
Serum for Uneven Skin/Pigmented Skin
Size Available: 1 oz
Price: $49.50

Vita Repair Skin Serum
Combination, Dehydrated, Dry, Mature/Aging, Premature Aging, Sensitive, Acne/Breakouts and Oily
Serum for Sun Damaged and Dry Skins
Size Available: 1 oz
Price: $49.50