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Burdock (Arctium lappa): Used in European and Chinese traditional medicines, Burdock promotes skin health by detoxifying, soothing and adding essential nutrients. It has anti-bacterial properties and controls oil production.

Products with this ingredient

Deep Cleanser
Combination and Oily
Cleansing Milk Makeup Remover for Oily/Combination...
Size Available: 4.73 oz
Price: $24.50

Combination, Acne/Breakouts and Oily
Morning Cleansing cream for Oily/combination Skin
Size Available: 3 oz
Price: $23.50

Combination, Acne/Breakouts and Oily
Mild Astringent for Combination skin
Size Available: 8 oz
Price: $23.50

Special Lotion #22
Combination, Acne/Breakouts and Oily
Day Protection Lotion for Oily/Combination Skin
Size Available: 1.69 oz
Price: $28.50

Pore Soothing Mask
Combination, Acne/Breakouts and Oily
Mask for Oily/Combination Skin
Size Available: 1 oz
Price: $22.50

Lotion X
Combination, Sensitive, Acne/Breakouts and Oily
Blackheads Melting lotion
Size Available: 5 oz
Price: $32.00