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Help People Achieve the Elegance They Desire

Waxing is a high-demand service that helps men and women achieve a clean, hair-free look.  Especially in the summer, waxing makes people more comfortable with their body and appearance.  This course teaches you how to provide the precise, pain-free care that leads to smooth, beautiful skin.  Our expert instructors cover all aspects of the profession, including:

·         Professional Requirements

·         Safety and Health

·         Skin Structure, Disorders and Diseases

·         Removal of Superfluous Hair

A Schedule that Fits Your Life

The Waxing Program is split between hands-on training (35 hours) and classroom theory (40 hours), for a total of 75 hours.  We understand that you may need to balance your family and/or work life with your education, so we offer full and part-time schedules to fit your individual needs.

Preparing you to become NY State Waxing Professional

Waxing is surging in popularity, and now is a great time to learn to become a waxing professional.  It offers a wonderful opportunity to make women feel beautiful. Once predominantly a service onlu used by women, men are realizing that waxing is a wonderful way to get rid of undesired hair.  This market is growing at an incredible rate and now is the time to get your license.  Christine Valmy International School for Esthetics, Skin Care & Makeup will prepare you to pass NY State Waxing licensing exams, so you can have a diverse choice of professional outcome in salons and spas across the state.

We Keep You on the Cutting Edge

We are constantly upgrading our curriculum to introduce the latest advances in technique and technology.  Christine Valmy International School for Esthetics, Skin Care & Makeup is committed to remain pioneer in the industry, and is likewise committed to our graduates.

Course Description:

Waxing is quickly gaining popularity & customers.  At Christine Valmy International School for Esthetics, Skin Care & Makeup, we train our students to a professional, pain-free process resulting in smooth, beautiful skin. We'll teach you all our knowledge and practice experience.

Topics Covered in this Course: The waxing curriculum covers everything the waxing professional needs to know, including client safety, medical issues and meticulous professionalism.

Professional Requirements: This subject covers how to maintain professionalism and good client relations.

Safety & Health: This section is a primer concerning basic safety concerns and health issues the waxing professional may come across, and how to solve them if there is a problem.

Skin Structure, Disorders & Diseases:  Learn about the anatomy of the skin, and the possible medical issues you might come across in this profession.

Removal of Superfluous Hair:  Practical experience in the best ways to remove hair painlessly


Waxing Curriculum Details



Total Hours

Professional Requirements




Safety & Health




Skin Structure, Disorders & Diseases




Removal of Superfluous Hair





40 Hours

35 Hours

75 Hours


Course Schedules:

We understand that studying while working and taking care of your family can be difficult. Below, you'll find a list of schedules to choose from. Select the one that works for you!


Part-time  (Sunday 9am -5 pm & Monday 5 - 9: 30 pm)


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