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We care about everything so we share insights of the life and work in CV with our customers and students.

Alumni Spotlight: Natalie Martinez, Owner of Skin Vanity Beauty Studio

Alumni Spotlight on Esthetics grad, Natalie Martinez! In her interview, Natalie emphasizes how every experience is a learning opportunity that shouldn’t be taken for granted! This is why she encourages everyone who wants to pursue a beauty education to never stop learning – whether it be from a school, place of work, or their peers! […]

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CV Esthetics Alum, Francine Cotona, Owner of AfterGlow Aesthetics
Alumni Spotlight: Francine Cotona, Owner of Afterglow Aesthetics

Alumni Spotlight on Esthetics grad, Francine Cotona! Francine knew that to turn her passion for beauty into a fulfilling career, she had to work hard and remain determined. Even though her initial interest was eyelash extensions, she quickly became obsessed with everything beauty after learning about all of the doors an esthetics education can open. […]

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Christine Valmy All-Natural Lotion X Blackhead Softening Serum surrounded by ingredient, parsley
How to Get the X-Factor from Lotion X!

Watch our step-by-step video tutorial to get the X-Factor from our best-selling Lotion X: Blackhead Melting Lotion, at home! Discover how to incorporate this one-of-a-kind, esthetician-beloved product into your weekly skin care routine and receive optimal results. Work toward a more radiant complexion by following the steps to help remove dirt, oil, and dead cells […]

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CV Esthetics Alum, Shondrea Barmore, Owner of Snatched Pro Studio & You Cosmetix
Alumni Spotlight: Shondrea Barmore, Owner of Snatched Pro Studio & You Cosmetix

Alumni Spotlight on Esthetics grad, Shondrea Barmore! From a young age, Shondrea found herself fascinated with skin care and beauty – from pimple popping to scalp massages. As she got older, these passions lead Shondrea to pursue an education from CV and begin her transformation into a successful esthetician and businesswoman. Along the way, Shondrea […]

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CV Esthetics Alum, Desiree Delia, Medical Esthetician at Dr. Dennis Gross
Alumni Spotlight: Desiree Delia, Medical Esthetician at Dr. Dennis Gross

Alumni Spotlight on Esthetics grad, Desiree Delia! Opens up about her career change during an uncertain time that turned the world upside down. While it was not an easy journey, Desiree shares how she patiently persevere and forged her own path in the beauty industry. She went from graduating during a global pandemic to becoming […]

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CV Waxing Alum, Shanae, Owner of The Wax N Beauty Bar
Alumni Spotlight: Shanae, Owner of The Wax N Beauty Bar

Alumni Spotlight on Waxing grad, Shanae! Her journey began when she was working as a receptionist during the day and attending night classes at CV. Soon after, Shanae channeled her passion for waxing into the start of her own business! Her vision has always been to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for her clients […]

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Christine Valmy Daytime Protection Lotions, Valnel and Ecran, in the snow in front of the NYC skyline
Taking Care of Your Winter Skin

The brisk winter months are upon us, and we have the inside scoop on winter skin! Let’s start with the basics. It can cause your skin to be dehydrated, itchy, and even flaky! The cold outdoor temperatures and dry indoor heat can quickly deplete moisture, as well as aggravate pre-existing skin conditions like eczema and […]

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NY esthetics graduate, Karla, at her graduation ceremony with an instructor and as a professional
Alumni Spotlight: Karla Prosperi, Esthetician at Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa

Alumni Spotlight on Skin Care grad, Karla Prosperi! Karla discovered her passion for skin care after working for Clarins and as a freelance MUA and Beauty Advisor for Nordstrom. She shares her personal skin care struggles, and how they inspired her to enter a field where she can help others facing similar problems with their […]

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Woman with graying hair in nature
Let’s Talk About Aging

Sigh. Aging. It’s a completely natural and expected part of life…until it happens to you. It seemed incomprehensible when you were bouncing energetically through your younger years with effortlessly supple skin, gliding on new makeup trends and snapping photos without a second thought about the lighting. But after a while, unbeknownst to you, the amount […]

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Two women smiling while wearing face masks
Maskne: Why it Happens and How to Prevent it

As COVID-19 began to spread, wearing face masks suddenly became a common accessory to any outfit. While face masks are worn for our protection and for the protection of those around us, they unfortunately may also be the cause of your latest breakout. Maskne, or mask acne, is acne that is caused by frequent mask […]

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