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We care about everything so we share insights of the life and work in CV with our customers and students.

Christine Valmy All-Natural Lotion X Blackhead Softening Serum surrounded by ingredient, parsley
How to Get the X-Factor from Lotion X!

Watch our step-by-step video tutorial to get the X-Factor from our best-selling Lotion X: Blackhead Melting Lotion, at home! Discover how to incorporate this one-of-a-kind, esthetician-beloved product into your weekly […]

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Christine Valmy Daytime Protection Lotions, Valnel and Ecran, in the snow in front of the NYC skyline
Taking Care of Your Winter Skin

The brisk winter months are upon us, and we have the inside scoop on winter skin! Let’s start with the basics. It can cause your skin to be dehydrated, itchy, […]

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NY esthetics graduate, Tomas, at his graduation ceremony with Marina Valmy and as a professional
Alumni Spotlight: Tomás Glenn, Lead Face Therapist at Chillhouse

Alumni Spotlight on Esthetics grad, Tomás Glenn! After working a corporate job, Tomás decided he wanted a more meaningful career that allowed him to help others, so he embraced his […]

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Bottom half of a woman's face with pimples
Beware These Lesser-Known Causes of Skin Issues

It’s great to be selective about the skin care formulas you use to keep your skin healthy and glowing! But caring for your skin means more than simply using the […]

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NJ skin care graduate, Francesca at her graduation and in her studio
Alumni Spotlight: Francesca Hahn-Galioto, Licensed Skincare Specialist

Alumni Spotlight on Skin Care grad, Francesca Hahn-Galioto! She considered CV her “happy place,” where she connected with instructors and formed lasting friendships with classmates. Since graduating in 2019, Francesca […]

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Christine Valmy instructor applying Lotion X Bubble Mask to a student laying down
Lotion X Bubble Mask Facial Treatment

Learn the steps and products necessary to perform this natural treatment. Bubble away blackheads for effortless extractions! As part of our educational philosophy, we aim to provide thought leadership on […]

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Christine Valmy instructor applying a serum to a student laying down
Vegan Collagen Anti-Aging, CBD Calming Facial Treatment

Learn the steps and ingredients necessary to perform this natural treatment. Pure vegan collagen is activated by specialized booster elixirs. Included in the kit are two elixir options to allow […]

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CV nail specialty alum, Shanae, as a licensed professional in her nail spa
Alumni Spotlight: Shanae Davis, Owner of Cotton Candi Colors Nail Spa

Alumni Spotlight on Nail Specialty alum, Shanae Davis! Shanae shares how she enrolled in CV to be able to provide an exceptional life for her daughter. By the end of […]

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CV Skin Care alum as a professional and holding her diploma at her graduation
Alumni Spotlight: Alicia Allen, Licensed Esthetician

Alumni Spotlight on Skin Care alum, Alicia Allen! She explains how following her dream of working in a Medical Spa taught her the value of being a well-rounded esthetician. Alicia […]

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CV Esthetics alum, Julia, as a student, professional and her features in NY Magazine and Allure
Alumni Spotlight: Julia March, Owner of Julia March Skin Care, LLC.

Alumni Spotlight on Esthetics alum, Julia March! After immigrating to the US, she decided to follow her passion for helping people by becoming an esthetician. Julia describes how encouragement from […]

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